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Martina Liel leidet seit fast 30 Jahren an Endometriose und betreibt seit mehr als 10 Jahren Aufklärungsarbeit. In ihrem ersten Buch »Nicht ohne meine Wärmflasche« gibt sie einen Überblick zu Diagnostik, Behandlung und alternativ-medizinischen Verfahren bei Endometriose. Die Journalistin lebt in Schottland, wo sie eine Ausbildung zur Somatics-Trainerin macht.

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#theendophotochallenge2018 - Today: #endometriosis - I?ve written everything I know about Endo down in my book. I?ve done research, interviewed experts and have my own experience. But no, I still do not have answers to our most urgent questions. The question I?ve been asked the most in interviews is: ?What?s your best advice for an Endosister?? Maybe they expect me saying something like: ?When in pain, eat xy, drink xy, take the medication xy ...? But the truth is, I don?t know. My best advice is: In times, when the symptoms are not so severe, when you are not in so much pain and feel like you could do something, don?t be a good girl!!! Do not put your energy in catching up on work or household, even not in relationships or friendship. Do what YOU want to do! Enjoy! Be wild! Be naughty! Be crazy! Do not care what people think! That?s my best advice on living with Endometriosis ?? @myendostory @chronicallytilly #endomarch #endomarch2018 #endometriosisawareness #endofighter #endosisters #chronicdisease

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